I'm participating in the 2017 Helmet reading challenge

Books I'd like to read in 2017

Happy 2017! I don't know about you, but I don't make resolutions, I make plans for the next year, and one of those plans this year is to participate in and finish the so-called Helmet Reading Challenge. And no, it doesn't mean a helmet like the thing you wear while biking, it's the name of all the libraries of Helsinki and it also means pearls in Finnish!


You can read all about it at the website, but it's basically a reading challenge with 52 "tasks" or criteria, which the books you read should fulfill. Things like "34. A book about the times when you were not born yet" or "41. There is an animal on a book’s cover". This doesn't mean you have to read 52 books, you can combine the criteria - but you don't have to of course. It's a really a no-limits challenge, but I'd really love to complete it fully in 2017 and am really pretty excited to get started!


Do you have any reading plans for 2017?

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