How to Make a Bingo Crochet Bag

Millions of people love bingo due to its crossover appeal, and while knitting and bingo have never really been popular among young people, the popularity of the two recently seem to have gathered steam. Both have benefited from technology, where apps have transformed the age-old pastimes. Maybe it's a hipster thing but bingo and knitting seem to be very appealing among the younger demographic now.


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Two first times with one project - crochet and t-shirt yarn

Crocheted squares

Last year I tried my hand at making t-shirt yarn. You know the one where you cut old t-shirts into strips and pull these into thick "yarn"? I cut 4 t-shirts and an old tricot shirt of mine and worked these into yarn. They "marinated" in my stash for a while, until a few weeks back I decided to see if I could crochet little baskets of them.


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