Crocheted squares

Last year I tried my hand at making t-shirt yarn. You know the one where you cut old t-shirts into strips and pull these into thick "yarn"? I cut 4 t-shirts and an old tricot shirt of mine and worked these into yarn. They "marinated" in my stash for a while, until a few weeks back I decided to see if I could crochet little baskets of them.


Well, I couldn't. I tried to learn the needed crochet stitches from a book but I just didn't manage on my own. That's why I decided to use the one crochet stitch I know, and just make thick squares to place pots and pans on on the table.


I used a 10 mm crochet hook and in a few hours I had used up all the t-shirt yarn I had to make three squares. Each had about 20 stitches and all are made with the same stitch - don't ask me how it's called though.


They were such fun to make! I'll propably send my Mum two of them, as I know she will use them regularly, and keep one myself. I'm glad my husband uses t-shirts daily - there are some that are starting to get pretty old already, perhaps he'll give me a few more soon to cut up..!

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