Banana silk scarf

Remember the banana silk yarn I received as gift a while back? I finally cast it on, ancdvery quickly cast it off too, as it knits up really quick!


I made the Juicy banana silk scarf (Ravelry link) and even though it calls for two hanks of the yarn, I managed very well with just one, I just left the tassels off and made the scarf a bit shorter - I reckon it measures two meters. I made it with 8mm needles.


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Kool aid experiments

I've been requesting and getting Kool Aid as "Random acts of Kindness" from many lovely people lately, and decided now's the time to try how they work.


I've dyed with Kool Aid before, but only in a microwave, a machine I don't have at the moment. So stovetop here's looking at you!


I followed the advice on Knitty and first dyed some white sock yarn with three bags of Orange and two bags of Tropical Punch (that's red). I think they came our really nice and happy looking!


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Miljas's bag

My niece, whom I love very much and who is crafty herself, had her 14th birthday on the 16th January. For her I made this little bag.


The bag itself is knit with Novita's Rustika yarn, which is 51% wool and 49% acrylic. It felts a bit, so that's what I did with it - felted it. The pattern is the buttonhole bag from Mason-Dixon knitting. I think I used 10 mm needles and ca. 100 grams of yarn.


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