I love Finland (but I didn't knit)

This summer seems to be bad for my knitting content - I just can't knit when it's over 30 degrees, not even cotton or bamboo. So it was in Finland, too, where I spent last week (I came back today) on holiday visiting my family with my DH. It was so hot I spent my days swimming and drinking juice in the garden. I'll post a few photos of the Finnish summer soon (courtesy of Nick), plus my new yarn goodies and a recycled sweater bag I finally lined on my Mum's sewing machine! Watch this space.

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Christmas in Finland

Finally I get back to my normal blogging rythm, I hope. Vacation and the Sudan project have taken up all my time lately - we spent 8 days over Christmas in Finland. I was so happy to meet my family and see some familiar surroundings. I like Essen, but one does get homesick from time to time! Here are some impressions from the trip.


First, the Helsinki harbour.


Picture number two is the Christmas tree at my Mum's.

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Pretty days in Finland part II

A few more moments from Finland. I picked these blueberries myself! You don't believe me? I have hands to prove it:

Nämä mustikat poimin itse! Etkö usko? Katsopa näitä! 

On Monday the heat rose up to 29 degrees Celcius, so a trip to the beach to sunbathe and lake-bathe was mandatory. It was wonderful, even though I din't get too much color.

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Pretty days in Finland

I'm back from my little holiday in Finland! I left last week's Friday, and returned on Wednesday afternoon. It was really lovely there, I had luck with the weather and was meeting so many friends after a while - one after 8 years! Here's some bits of the trip.


Palasin lomaltani Suomesta! Lähdin viime viikon perjantaina, ja tulin keskiviikkona. Oli ihanaa, sää oli mahtava ja tapasin laumoittain ystäviä pitkästä aikaa - yhden jopa kahdeksan vuoden tauon jälkeen! Tässä kuvia. 

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