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Merry May!

The Germans have this tradition of "dancing into May" - I'm not sure where it comes grom, but it does involve dancing throughout the night of the 30th of April.


I'm not sure if I'll be participating in the dances but I will be travelling during the change of months! I've packed my books, my knitting and my bikini. The summer can come!


See you next week!

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Mitts, mitts, mitts!

Fingerless mitts

I have to admit, not all of these fingerless mitts were made recently. I knit quite a few last winter, but promptly forgot to photograph them. But better late than never - here are some of my latest fingerless mitts.


There are two pairs made with Gjestal Janne in charcoal grey. I got this yarn in a swap in November, and made plain k2, p2 and stockinette mitts with it. Very suitable yarn for mitts, and I'm hoping the yarn won't pill in use, either.


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Sunny swap and yarns make me squee

Sunny Swap

I'm just back from a week's vacation in Finland, my native, or home country. I loved seeing my family again and seeing the Finnish spring after many years of visiting only in the winter or summer. I really wish I could have stayed longer, but as it's not possible, I'm trying to ease my sorrow with Finnish yarns.


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Green and orange Calorimetries

Me wearing a Calorimetry and a Metroplex Ruhr shirt

It's been a while since I've made Calorimetries - in fact it's been over four years since I knitted my last big batch of these funky headwarmers.


High time to make some new ones don't you think!


In March I made five Calorimetries with bulky yarn: talk about instant gratification! I also got to use some pretty buttons from my little button stash, which sees the light of day way too seldom.


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Swirling cowls

Pastaza cowl

This spring has been all about cowls. I've made so many! It's juyt the way knitting (or life, in fact) is for me - I get utterly and completely fascinated about something, devote my time to it almost exclusively... and at some point I'm through. I've seen it with shawls especially: in 2010 I knit one shawl after another - and after that I've hardly finished any!


So let's see how long it will take with the cowl enthusiasm to wear off. It's not gone, yet!


Let me present the cowls I've made this spring:

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H+H Cologne - My first time at a craft industrial fair

Icord dress by Wendys

Last night I got a call from a friend of mine, a knitting instructor and a friend of a yarn shop owner, who happened to have free tickets to the H+H Cologne, a huge, international trade fair, ans asked me if I would like to come along tomorrow (that is, today, Saturday). I was thrilled and of course agreed.


So this morning we took the train to the Cologne fair and entered the fair with little expectations.


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Sorry for the longer blog silence, but my darling husband Nick was updating the software my blog runs on, Drupal, from version 6 to version 7. The design stayed the same, but the site is safer and more up-to-date on the background.


We checked that everything runs smoothly before going live - but please, if you notice anything weird or something not working on, please leave a comment and we'll check it out.


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