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SOAB 14 Swapl package received!

SOAB 14 package received

Thanks so much Angie! I received my package from the UK today, and just had to post. Just look how beautifully everything was packed! And what was inside? Just look:


The yarn was a Noro Kureyon sock yarn, a yarn I adore but usually am too cheap to buy :) What wonderful colours!


There was also a handmade bag with fluffy yarn and zipper closing - this is definitely a keeper! Angie had also made me a Christmas snowflake decoration which I really, really like.


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Knit a Square totals for the first half of 2012

Squares for charity 05/2012

I've been really busy knitting for Knit a Square. The Knit a Squillion challenge should be over by now (I didn't find any info or stats of an "official ending" though), but the squares are still needed.


So I made about 40 of then in the first half a year of 2012. Here they all are! I actually forgot to count them before sending them off, but there should be about 40. I've used up so much yarn, scraps and lonely balls to make these squares, they are truly the best stash busting knit I know of.


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The inherited stash Final Part

Yorn Boutique Alpaca

Phew! I'm almost through documenting all the yarns my friend gave me a week or so ago when she decided she's not going to knit anymore! Look at my previous posts to see it all. In this post I'll show the alpaca and angora yarns, plus the loot I am going to give my Mum.


First let me show you the five 20 gram balls of wine red alpaca yarn. It's not very soft actually but feels more like mohair. Not sure what I will be making with this yarn yet.


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The inherited stash Part 3

Cotton Almonde

You've seen the most of the stash my friend gave me already, but there are still yarns to show.


This post will be all about cotton! The first two balls are bright pink 100% unmercerized cotton - it says Almonde on the ball band. Very good feeling yarn, I think knitting this will be a joy.


Next there are 5x50 grams of mercerized fingering weight cotton in white, called Marika Gazelle. I wonder if that will be enough for a summer top? In the same picture two balls of Happy Hobby Tonga, a slightly thicker yarn which will propably end up as a string bag.

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A friend gave me her whole stash

All the new yarn, just for me!

I mean, her whole stash! She said a decluttering bug bit her and got all her stash together and asked me if I'd like to have it. Well, I can't say no to yarn!


So a few days ago she brings me this huge bag full of yarn! I mean, it was like Christmas! I immediately emptied it on the floor and went through everything. It was mostly yarn from the 1990's, a lot of cotton and cotton blends but also some acrylics, viscose and wool. I took the time to photograph the yarn I'm going to keep -let's see what was there.


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A pile of pretty knits for charity

A pile of charity knits

I've been busy knitting for charity lately! You've already seen most of these knits, but the whole of it just looked so good and like "a lot" that I wanted to make a separate post to show these knits.


On the left we have five Calorimetry-headbands in different sizes. Next to them there is a bunch of fingerless mittens, then there are cowls and on the far right, two pairs of socks.


What's missing here are my the squares I've been making for Knit a Square lately. Look for a separate post on those!

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