October impressions


It's October folks! Here are some impressions of the first Sunday in October.


I made a fire in our big fireplace to keep the house warm.


The pumpkins are enjoying the sun inside as it is now too cold for them outside and we harvested them all.


I got this adorably sad Uppo-Nalle from a flea market iin September because it moved me so much I had tears in my eyes. He since lives on our couch.


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Meet Miss Sophie

Miss Sophie

I finally managed to get decent pictures of our very lively new cat whom we have named Miss Sophie (Dinner for one, anyone?). She has been with us good two weeks now and seems to like us. She does claw places she shouldn't and ignores her clawing post completely. Any ideas what one could do to get her to claw places she should? She's not into catnip though, I tried that already. Other than that she's very lovely and cuddly and active and we like very very much already.


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A cruise with friends

On the Baltic Sea

One of the (many, many) cool things about living back in Finland is that I get to see my old friends more often. There's a group of us who have been friends since high school and this weekend we got to go on a cruise on the Baltic Sea, from Turku heading towards Stockholm. That's a fun little vacation for us Finns to make, it's not all that expensive, there's good food and drinks, plus the scenery is absolutely amazing, as the archipelago of Stockholm is really pretty and that of Turku is just breathtaking. We had suhc luck with weather too, as it was gorgeous sunny weather the whole time!

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