Travel journal USA 2016 - Part 4 Ice Cream

Lapp Valley Farm Ice Cream
Lapp Valley Farm Ice Cream
Lancaster County is Amish country

Remember in part 2 I told we were treated to some ice cream? Well, we were, and what an ice cream it was! We went to Lapp Valley Farm, an Amish dairy farm and ice cream shop (with a drive-through too) all in one! They make their milk products, butter and ice cream out of the milk of ther own cows (which you can see in the first picture - now that is a short logistics chain!).

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Travel journal USA 2016 - Part 3 - Dogs I befriended

Beauregard - a St. Bernard pup
Dog at Dickinson College

This very short part 3 of my travel journal is dedicated to the dogs I met during our trip. I am missing pictures of many lovely dogs, such as Mack, Popeye, Lucy, Scott and Leela, but will let these three represent the dog friends I made in the US. Meet Beauregard, a huge St. Bernard puppy; Mason, an old gentleman; and a friendly dog at Dickinson College, who let me rub his belly forever, but whose name I never learned.

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Travel journal USA 2016 - Part 2 - Pennsylvania

Phil Williams' Permaculture farm
Keppy's farm in Huntingdon
Aero Towergardens
Wimpy & Dees Diner
Pennsylvania views

Welcome to Part 2 of my travel journal through the East Cost of the US in March 2016! This post will be all about Pennsylvania.


We stayed at a collagues place for a week in Chester County but boy did we get to see Pennsylvania! We took day trips almost every day and even an overnight trip to Huntingdon which is in the middle area of Pennsylvania! I can't possibly show all the pictures of the places we saw, so here are some highlights!


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Travel journal USA 2016 - Part 1 - New York State

Ophelia the therapy chicken
Peekskill station
Sunset on Hudson River
Kale at the Stone Barns Farm greenhouse
Community garden in East Village NYC

This March me and hubby Nick went to the US to see some friends and biogas colleagues (hmm, I must make a whole different post about that) and to generally have a good time and see new places after a long travel break. We were in the US for nearly 3 weeks and we passed seven states in total (though really staying in three of them). This is my travel journal which I will split in separate posts, because I don't want to flood you with pictures!


Part 1 is New York State and NYC.


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Culture overload!

Opera visitors
WDR Happy Hour in Essen

Last fall we got a 5-show-ticket to the local opera house Aalto-Theater. We'd only been to the opera once or twice before, but we decided to give it a try. The last show will be in a few weeks and I must say I am really glad we got these tickets! We've seen interesting things, and some not quite so fascinating ones. We've seen ballet and opera and in one way or another, enjoyed it all. I've learned I love watching ballet very much, no matter if it's modern or very classical. What I've also learned is that most opera goers have gray hair!

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