Knit a Squillion Total Tally (for now)

Knit a Squillion squares
Knit a Squillion square

In August, I took on the challenge to make 25 squares for Knit a Square by the end of 2011.


Today I proudly present my (most likely the) last squares for 2011 which bring my tally up to 42 squares! I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself. I've sent the first patch of squares to South Africa already and my second package is ready for sending, too.


These last 10 squares are all garter stitch with thick needles, either with thick yarn or yarn held double.


I'm tempted to make 8 more squares to reach 50, but I doubt that will happen this year.


But: these squares mean I've made my 50 Charity Items in 2011 goal! I'm so proud, I have to say! See the whole list here.
Have you been making squares?

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