Knit a Square totals for the first half of 2012

Squares for charity 05/2012
Squares sent

I've been really busy knitting for Knit a Square. The Knit a Squillion challenge should be over by now (I didn't find any info or stats of an "official ending" though), but the squares are still needed.


So I made about 40 of then in the first half a year of 2012. Here they all are! I actually forgot to count them before sending them off, but there should be about 40. I've used up so much yarn, scraps and lonely balls to make these squares, they are truly the best stash busting knit I know of.

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Knit a Squillion Total Tally (for now)

Knit a Squillion squares
Knit a Squillion square

In August, I took on the challenge to make 25 squares for Knit a Square by the end of 2011.


Today I proudly present my (most likely the) last squares for 2011 which bring my tally up to 42 squares! I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself. I've sent the first patch of squares to South Africa already and my second package is ready for sending, too.


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Knit a squillion squares for Africa: Join the challenge!

Yarns for charity squares
Yarns for charity squares

I was reading Minimalist Knitter's (aka Robyn's) site as I often do and came across her newest charity endeavour: participating in Knit a Squillion action by Knit a Square.


Their ambitious plan is to to send 1,2 million squares to South Africa by July 10, 2012.


I mean: wow. 1,2 million squares will make blankets for 36.000 children in need. I thought: I want to participate in this!

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