For the second time in a row, I'm participating in the Finnish knitalong "Kesäyön hullutus", which is a KAL for crazy Finnish people who want to start a new knitting project every day from the 1st of June to Midsummer, the 26th of June - and finish all 26 knits by the end of July. Pretty insane, huh!


At least until now I'm keeping up. I've started a few bigger things I know I'll be able to work on in the train (I'll be travelling a bit the next few weeks), and lots of small ones (I mean finished-in-one-hour small ones!) This post is about a small one and a bigger one.


The hat is made following the Ripley pattern by Ysolda. I knit it using an old cotton blend yarn called Ikarus I had in my stash. I knit the second largest size - but on 3,5 mm needles, so it came out baby/small child sized! I didn't even use the whole of the 50 gram ball to finish the hat, it's that small. I really adore the pattern though (plus it taught me how to make plaits and this pretty edging), and I'm planning on knitting one for myself at some point, too.


The socks I concider a bigger item, as they do take quite a few hours to finish! This pattern is called Fawkes (Ravelry link to pattern) and I'm knitting it on 2,5 mm dpns with Lana Grossa's Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch sock yarn, which is listed as a basic 4-ply sock yarn but is somehow really quick to knit! I finished the first sock in just two days! I am making the cuffs a bit longer than suggested in the pattern, other than that I'm following the pattern as written.


Wish me luck with my socks - and the other 24 projects!

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