It was my birthday last Thursday, and I was lucky enough to be pampered with good cooking and a massage by Nick. I also got some presents!

First, from Nick a beautiful rose, and a CD from Tamara Dearing, an indie singer-songwriter from Kentucky.

Next, I received a package from Finland, from my sister. She knows I love knitting, and she knits herself, too, so I got some lovely yarn and patterns, as well as needle felted bookmark and a pin with reflecting surface.

Last, I took part in a Nordic swap in Ravelry, and got the package from Norway, from FruP. Perfect timing! I got some Fritidsgarn, buttons, chocolates and marzipan, as well as some funny iron-on fabric pictures. Lovely package!

All in all, I had a lovely birthday! May this year be the best of all I've had up till now! 

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