Show your pencil cases and win!

The Darfur group at Ravelry has been moderating the Pencil cases for Sudan -KAL/CAL since the beginning of the year. The results are great - by the end of January we had about 50 cases done and sent to HELPSudan, I don't even know how many we have now!


But the KAL is not over yet. It will end on the 31st of March, so now's the time for the last push (or better said knit).


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Mitts, lots of mitts - part 2

So, the promised last mitts:


The black and red mitts (with the same design as the grey Marengo mitts from last post) are made from Nick's recycled scarf. It was one of my first projects and I gave it to Nick christmas 2006 - it was way too short and narrow, so he gave it to me to redo. I remade it into these. It's Debbie Bliss Merino Aran (maybe?)


Second pair, funky and colorful! I liked these. Basic cables, for narrow hands.


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Mitts, lots of mitts - part 1

There's a verb in German "übertreiben" meaning to exaggerate, in a way. Say, if someone is getting their 4th cup of coffee, one might say "Übertreibs nicht"; "don't overdo it". I think I've been "übertreiben" first with my socks, and now with the mitts. Not in a bad sense, but I think for a while I'll stop this mass production of similar items for a while. These mitts were for the local animal shelter's open door day market to be sold for the shelter's benefit. Therefore all my own designs / generic patterns. They sold out quick!


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A cat bed

I made a cat bed. I'm not quite sure how successful it is. It's my own design, but it has the problem the side doesn't stand up properly. I had to prop it up - I sew the side togehter, and sewed another thread through the upper end of the side. It stands now, but I'm not too happy. I will need some more development before I publish the pattern!

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Guess what? I'm making more socks.

What do you know, I'm making more socks. The Sukkasato KAL is still going on for a couple of weeks, and I'm trying my best to knit as many socks as I can for it.


I have one pair ready, again child size. I cast on 32 stitches with Lana Grossa Meilenweit held double, and made the foot with some Novita Julia mix blend yarn (but really soft!) My needles were 2,5-3,5mm, a mix of what I had free... I think I must have lost some needles somewhere!


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New socks

Some new socks for Sukkasato


First the bigger ones, from the rest of Lana Grossa yarn I used for the Hederas (which are also done! But not to be shown here as they are a christmas present)


Needles: 2,5mms. 40 stitches around, 4x1 ribbing.


The second pair is from small scraps I had left - they have 28 stitches around in 2x2 ribbing, made with odd needles from 2,5 mm to 3,5mms!

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