As I said in my last post about the WWKIP in Bochum, I also visited the local yarn store there. I have been keeping a strict yarn diet this spring, so I thought a few new nice yarns won't do me any harm, and anyway I just wanted to try some new things. So here they are!


First the lovely Artesano Arans, which were just so beautifully dyed and soft I had to have them, even though they were a bit over the price I would usually pay for yarn (they were 10.95 € each).


Next we have the Lana Grossa Linea Pura Organico (Rav link) organic aran weight 100% non-mercerized cotton. So lovely and soft! I've never knit with cotton this thick, but I'm really looking forward to it!


I also bought some Lana Grossa sock yarn with cotton - it's actually 41% cotton, 39% wool, 13% nylon and 7% elité elastic, which makes it really stretchy. I'm thinking about some lovely lacey socks for me..!


But that's not all I have on cotton. I also bought these two balls of Lang Golf, a sport weight cotton in deep emerald green! I know you can't really see the colour in the photo, but I thought the picture of the yarn in our fridge was just so hilarious, so please excuse me this time!


Last but not least Merino Naturwolle from Frankengarn (link in German - here's a Rav link). You know I try to avoid merino when I don't know where it comes from due to the animal welfare issues especially in Australia, but this merino I buy with pleasure - these sheep live in Southern Germany in small farms and have no fear of having their bum skin cut off. The yarn still has the sheepy smell to it and it hasn't been dyed. Not sure what to make with it yet though. Any ideas?


Oh, and a big thank you for my DH Nick for the beautiful photography for this post!

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Some nice purchases there. Love the Artesano Aran, the colours are really nice.
And the Golf in the fridge! The colour reminds me of the yarn you used to make your shopping bag with. A lovely rich shade.
The red of the oprganic cotton is lovely too. I've never knit with organic unmercerized cotton, you'll have to tell us all what it knits up like!