Tote bags get a new look with funky patches

Funky tote bags

Today I will show you three tote bags which I upgraded by sewing some patches on them!


I have two patches that have been with me for years and years, which I now finally sew onto tote bags! Take a look at these funky beauties!


The purple one is pretty clear, as it is in English. You wouldn't believe from which clothing piece that little cat patch was salvaged from though! Ask me if you're interested :) The tote bag is one I tie-dyed myself years and years ago, back when we lived in Ireland.


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New direction for Worsted Knitt

So, as you must have noticed, my knitting mojo which kind of faded away some years ago never really returned. I haven't been blogging weekly, not even monthly, and hardly ever about my knits.


I am still here though, and I am doing interesting things, so I've decided to let go of the knitting-only idea of my blog, and make it more of a personal blog; a place where I can talk more about things that matter to me today in this time and place of my life - things like

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