Baby socks

Sukkasato has started again, the Finnish 2-month sock KAL in which I also participated last year.


Like last year, I'll be making small socks for charity. Here's the first pair of preemie socks. Made on 4mm needles using 24 stitches around, the yarn is Hjerte Sock held double.


I have more pairs on the needles and will post them throughout the KAL. They are so sweet and quick!

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Pink goth scarf

I've had this finished for weeks, and finally I get to blog about it! It was originally my June small item, and I finished it sometime during summer. This was also the project I knit on my wedding day, so it has some sentimental signifigance too!


It's a lacey sock yarn scarf. The yarn I used is YarnAddicts Bamboo sock yarn (in colourway Pink goth, which I received in a swap a few years back. The yarn has since been discontinued.)

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Green blanket bag

I'm still working on the Finland pictures, but currently I've just been so busy! The bureaucracy and the thank you cards after the wedding, my acting hobby at the local theatre (premiere next month!) as well as work just seem to take up all my time at the moment. So I'll just need to show you something that's been finished for some weeks already... sorry! But I'm sure you'll like this one too.


Here are the actual specs:


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Fluffy cat bed

I'm still working on the perfect cat bed. This is not yet it! But at least it's fluffy and cuddly! I'll give it to the animal shelter for sale later on.


I used odd balls of fluffy yarns, that's all I can say about the yarn. Some I got from the shelter, some I had in my stash. I made the bottom in one piece, like the bottom in Princess Snowball cat bed from Stitch'n'Bitch, and then picked up stitches along the sides. I used 6mm needles.


It still doesn't stand up right, but I keep trying!

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A bunch of preemie hats

I'm taking part in a crazy Finnish KAL called "Kesäyön hullutus", which translates to "summernight's folly"! The idea is to start a new project every day from the 1st June to the 20th of June, and finish all these projects by the end of July! I joined on the 6th, so I have a few less to do, but still... so therefore small projects are the best in this challenge!


I think preemie hats are the perfect small projects one can make. They're easy, quick and very useful (I'll be sending them to charity).


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Banana silk scarf

Remember the banana silk yarn I received as gift a while back? I finally cast it on, ancdvery quickly cast it off too, as it knits up really quick!


I made the Juicy banana silk scarf (Ravelry link) and even though it calls for two hanks of the yarn, I managed very well with just one, I just left the tassels off and made the scarf a bit shorter - I reckon it measures two meters. I made it with 8mm needles.


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