Wooly, lovely FOs

I've had these ready for a good while now, and finally I get to blogging about them!


The first knit is the Puro-tube. The original pattern is from Novita, but I modified it like SatuH did, meaning I didn't double the yarn and cast on 110 stitches. It was knit during a week of illness in bed, with 5mm circular needles. I used a bit less that three balls of Novita Puro (what a lovely yarn!), that is ca. 130 grams.


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17 little mice


Greetings from the Mouse Factory!


Well, not quite, but I have been making lots of mice lately, as I was trying to get as many as possible done for Ompelukerho (a Finnish women's action group I am a member of) stand at the Christmas market. The market is today, and I hope they sell well! They did last year, anyway, and because these mice are smaller than the ones last year, they might even sell better (as last year's mice were more like rats...)


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Mittens for charity

Now I've had these done for a good while now, but haven't gotten round to posting them. I made a bunch of finbgerless mittens for my local animal shelter open doors day and fair.


They are knit using various yarns from my stash - the pink/white one is dyed by myself with Kool Aid! They're all knit on 4mm needles (except for the blue-green ones, which are smaller and knit on 3mms) and have the same simple thumb construction (a hole with live stitches which you then pick up).


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Lacey Bubblegum Punk Mitts

Lacey Bubblegum Mitts

I was making more fingerless mittens for sale for my local animal shelter autumn market and came up with this little pattern. Hope you like it!


I'm calling them Lacey Bubblegum Punk Mitts, as the bubblegum punk style is "girly as well as black". The mittens also remind me of the punky 80's style, so there we have it. You could make these mittens in hot pink as well!


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Small FOs from October

Adult booties
Preemie socks
Plastic bag holder

I've knit some small things last month and I thought I'd show them to you, as they came out nicely, I think!


First we have the Grown-up bootees. The pattern is by Ysolda Teague, and it's a part of the Whimsical Little Knits 1 collection. I've knit them with vintage superwash wool held double on 5mm needles. This pair fits me, so the size is ca. European 39. They took approximately 100 grams of yarn. I'll be making more as Christmas presents!


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