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Slow on the blog front, i.e. I got married

Just wanted to say a quick sorry - I haven't been blogging much the last week or so, and won't be either, maybe (hopefully) with the exception of this week (even though it's really too hot to think!)


You might have heard, I got married last Saturday! That has kept me busy, plus we travelled to the wedding location last Wednesday, came back on Monday and now on Thursday I'm slowly cathcing my breath. But that's not all - on 14th July we'll be heading to Sweden and then Finland for a good week.


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4 things

Sinéad tagged me with this fun "4 things" list thingy, so here are my answers!


4 placed I lived in:
1. Essen, Germany
2. Dublin, Ireland
3. Berlin, Germany
4. Tampere, Finland


4 places I('d) like to come back to:
1. Home
2. My Mum's
3. Alicante, Spain
4. Berlin


4 favourite dishes:
1. Nick's pancakes
2. Vegetarian Indian dishes
3. Pasta with blue cheese and broccoli
4. My own mash-up with rice, corn and cottage cheese


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Kool aid experiments

I've been requesting and getting Kool Aid as "Random acts of Kindness" from many lovely people lately, and decided now's the time to try how they work.


I've dyed with Kool Aid before, but only in a microwave, a machine I don't have at the moment. So stovetop here's looking at you!


I followed the advice on Knitty and first dyed some white sock yarn with three bags of Orange and two bags of Tropical Punch (that's red). I think they came our really nice and happy looking!


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Show your pencil cases and win!

The Darfur group at Ravelry has been moderating the Pencil cases for Sudan -KAL/CAL since the beginning of the year. The results are great - by the end of January we had about 50 cases done and sent to HELPSudan, I don't even know how many we have now!


But the KAL is not over yet. It will end on the 31st of March, so now's the time for the last push (or better said knit).


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14% off of everything at my US shirt shop

I have Valentine's sale on: 14% off all orders over $25.00 now through February 11, 2009.


The shop can be found at To claim the discount please give code at checkout:


When ordering from US: FEB19
And from Canada: CADFEB19


For European shirt enthusiasts I still have two 3 euro coupon codes to give away (the EU shop is at


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Halima - Tears of the Desert

This time I'll use my Darfur Friday to make a book review. I devoured such a strong, impressive, emotional, raw and honest biography this week I have to share it with you.


It's called Tears of the desert by Halima Bashir, a Darfurian doctor who did all she could for her people, was hunted down for it, but could escape to Great Britain and survived.


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